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Welcome to my personal site! Please take a look around, and don't mind the dust. (Or the spiders. There's a lot of spiders around here i eat them sometimes they're pretty tasty.)

You can visit my Neocities profile by clicking on my sitebutton, located to your left. If you enjoy your time here, you are most welcome to add my sitebutton to your website! (If you let me know, I'll add you back!!). Please enjoy your stay ^_^

This site is currently in development!
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9.23.2023 - added blog page to nav 8.13.2023 - finished(?) V2 homepage 7.29.2023 - began V2 revamp 6.30.23 - added hadaka shrine, rearranged shrine links 6.8.23 - added about page and gallery to main page 6.2.23 - added blinkies, to-do list, and diary to main page 5.30.23 - added okuu shrine to home. this site isn't dead in fact it is only just beginning 5.1.23 - finished site's home page [V1]

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